Chandler Gregg

Jim was a great lawyer and man. As a lawyer, he provided such an incredible service to his clients, and to the legal profession – very few if any can do what he did. Both in his career and outside it, he had such a big heart for service and helping others. Also so generous – when I was a new, young lawyer in town, he insisted I go use his place in Whistler for a ski trip. He was like that with everyone — always giving.

He was a joy to be around. So witty and funny – he always made me laugh. And he was incredibly smart – not that he would ever admit it. I will never forget how modest he was, always downplaying his accomplishments. Forcing Jim to talk about something great he’d done was about the only time you didn’t get a straight answer from him. He was one-of-a-kind, a very special man.

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