Christy Huffman-Phillips

Where do I begin? I first met Jim & Deborah through our daughters Lily & Brionna. They invited me to join them for Lily’s birthday dinner at Flame. I had not even officially met them yet. From that moment we all bonded and my life was forever changed having met them. I was unhappy in my other job and saw a position open at another law firm so I called Jim and asked him if he knew “this attorney” and if so would he give me a recommendation… his response was …. “come to my law firm , forget about them. I have a position open”. I was there until September 2017 when I was offered a job I just couldn’t turn down. I was so scared to tell him as he didn’t want him to ever be disappointed in me (he was the dad I never had). When I finally had the courage to tell him he couldn’t have been more happy for me. He asked me why I was afraid to tell him ? My reply was the same “I would never want to disappoint you”. With the most genuine smile he said “Christy I would never be disappointed in you trying to better yourself”. Having his approval meant so much to me. Jim and Deborah were always there for me. When the engine went out on my Jeep and I had no idea how I was going to get a car … he offered me his truck to drive until I could get a car of my own . Never once did he asked me when I was giving him his truck back … (it was a few months before I finally got a car), then my Momma got very sick and was dying … and I was the only child here to take care of her (he and Deborah were out of town ) as it turned out Matt had called Jim and Deborah in Florida and told them my mom was not doing well. Without hesitation they told Matt “please give her two weeks paid time off” ( I had no vacation time left) so she can be with her mom without worrying about a paycheck. How many people do you know that would be so generous and understanding? I’ve never known another man like him. I called him JIM DADDY. What an honor to love such a beautiful soul. Godspeed… love you always.

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