Jan Wheeler

I first met Jim when he represented my mom after she was in a car accident. If he represented you, then he pretty much became your friend. Years later….I’m talking almost ten years later…I was going through a divorce and ran into him somewhere and he asked how my mom was (as he always did). He never forgot a face. We briefly chatted and somehow the divorce came up and the fact that I was looking for a job and without hesitation he said “come see me Monday…..I will put you to work”. I thought he was kidding at first. But he was not. I showed up Monday and he did not even have an empty office for me. With no law experience whatsoever, he put me at the kitchen table in his office and I worked out of a box. He did not NEED me….it’s just kind of person he was. Eight months at that kitchen table and I finally got picked up by another firm. Eighteen years later I still work in the legal field and credit my career to his kindness. I’m sure he touched so many others in the same kind and generous way and he will truly be missed.

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