Joshua Lane

I was a painter in my younger years and my boss Shannon Swearingen had many contracts with Jim. He always had a moment for me even if he was extremely busy with work. My fondest memory is when I was painting Corbett Law Offices and Jim comes and says, “Josh, can you help me with something.” I got up and followed him outside to his truck. I said, “what’s up?” He said as serious as he could be, “I need help with my alligator.” I about passed out! However, he had in fact taken an alligator legally and had it taxidermied. As I was helping him move the alligator I’ll be dogged if one of the claws didn’t fall off that thing. I was mortified. I thought sure he was gonna get angry, but he just laughed and said, “a little glue will fix that!” Looking forward to seeing him again one day in glory.

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