Kristen Cooper

Uncle Jim is the reason this Florida girl fell in love with the Keys (along with the rest of my family) and he is also the reason I finally got the courage to get certified to scuba dive. He told me where to go snorkeling but also told me I really need to learn to dive because snorkeling wouldn’t be enough. I told him I was scared of scuba diving but somehow he made it sound not so scary….. and he was right! I stuck my head under, took one look at the Hens and Chickens Reef and yelled at my husband I would be certified the next time I came to the keys. A year later I was heading to the keys dive certified and ready to see the rest of that beautiful reef (and all the other spots he told me to check out). I can’t thank him enough for finally giving me that push and I will always think of him when I strap on my dive gear and leap into the ocean!

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