Jason Corbett

In this time of overwhelming sorrow and grief, I can only imagine the anguish you are feeling after witnessing Jim’s journey with his illness come to an end. Your unflinching faith is a beautiful example to us all of the power of God’s grace. I can only hope that through your faith, and God’s endless love, that you feel some sense of peace knowing that Jim is no longer suffering and has entered the most glorious of all Kingdoms. My fondest memories of Jim include seeing someone put God and family first in their lives. The time I spent together with you all during college in Tallahassee, Whistler and Springfield were wonderful examples to me about how rewarding a happy family and marriage could be. For me, this was even more meaningful due to growing up in a broken home and having few opportunities to witness the interactions between a loving wife and husband. I often think about what it means to have a happy and successful life and what that might look like. While conventional wisdom attempts to connect success with money and power, I do not feel that is the case. While Jim was unquestionably successful by worldly measures, it was his endless love for God and his family that serve as the greatest example of a successful and happy life. My sincerest love and blessings to you during this difficult time and I pray for your peace, comfort and healing.

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