Curtis Richardson

Jim Corbett was a great friend and he was also one of my greatest encouragers. God brought Jim and Deborah into our lives through various ministry connections. We were privileged to be members of three different churches together, the third of which was a new church. Jim and Deborah were extremely instrumental in planting CrossBridge church in Marshfield, MO. Their presence and active participation was a constant reminder that God’s will was unfolding even in the most challenging and difficult times. Jim was always positive and willing to share great advice and counsel. He had a friendly way of making you check yourself as to whether you were giving it your very best. I loved his no nonsense approach to important matters always accompanied with a good dose of lighthearted adventure. Jim and Deborah were inseparable and always together. Their influence as ministry partners carried over into the establishment of VidaNova, Inc. focused on partnering in the rescue of young girls caught up in dire circumstances and human trafficking in Brazil. Jim’s constant encouragement and support gave impetus and brought success to VidaNova’s efforts. Jim knew how to give productive encouragement that went far beyond words. His life, in all realms, was a source of inspiration. I look forward to seeing again his smile and the way his eyes lit up when he stood on the verge of a new adventure for God’s kingdom! Thank you Lord for blessing us with Jim Corbett!

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