Ashley (Meyer) Mills

I will do my best to tell this story of Mr. Corbett and his genuine love for people. My mom is an black woman born in South Louisiana. She was raised during the time of the Jim Crow south and has vivid memories of segregation. She has had very few personal interactions with white men around her age. She is currently 61. Of course, Mr. Corbett did not know any of this. I guess that’s the beauty of truly kind people like Mr. Corbett. They are just kind. They don’t judge people based on external characteristics. My mom has told me the story of how warmly Mr. Corbett greeted her at Sarah’s wedding. You see Sarah and I were roommates in college at FSU and we got along excellently. I truly remember being her roommate as one of the highlights of college. So I guess she felt the same way because I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. At the wedding, Mr. Corbett walked up to my mom and started talking to her. She was shocked because she didn’t feel like an important guest. He came over to thank her for raising a great daughter that could live with Sarah . This is so funny because as he was talking, my mom was thinking that she was glad that Sarah could live with me. She didn’t say it but he made her smile. She tells this story a lot. Not many people make my mom smile and although it seems like a small conversation, it meant the world to my mom. Her name is Stephanie Meyer and she wanted me to share this memory.

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