Jeff Bauer

Jim was someone I always looked forward to talking to, as every time I would smile at some point in the conversation or meeting, if not outright laugh. At the end of every interaction I ever had with Jim I came away feeling better than I had before. He had an easy going confidence, sure in who he was and what he believed in that was unshakable. Jim was as accomplished a lawyer as there could be, who had tried more cases than just about anyone, but anytime he told a story it was either about someone else’s accomplishment or was self deprecating and funny. The phrase “one of a kind” is often overused, but not in Jim’s case. I will always treasure the fact Jim allowed me to see first hand by deed and actions what a lawyer and man should strive to be, even if I knew I could never do it the way Jim did so effortlessly. No words I can come up with can express a fraction of the impact Jim had on me, and so many others for so many years.

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