Paul Wacker

I met Jim as a Plaintiffs attorney 25 years ago, as I defended a difficult trucking case, with terrible injuries to his clients, an elderly married couple. He was a compassionate man with a sharp legal mind. We got along well professionally, and developed a mutual respect for each other. In later years we co-represented some injured clients. His gift was not only identifying strong and weak points of his case, but also candidly acknowledging same, making the case more susceptible to a reasonable settlement.

Personally, some of our kids went through school together, and he always remembered my kids’ names and had nice things to say about them, which meant a lot to me. In reading some of the memories his children wrote about him on social media, I know he was a great father and husband.

We were both diagnosed with cancer, almost simultaneously, and discussed same, our respective prognosis, and our mental approach to dealing with this largest of trials. I always felt he dealt with it as a Christian man should, and will always admire him for that.

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