Keith Cary

I was away from Missouri for a good part of the winter and, regrettably, didn’t learn of Jim’s death until earlier this week — early June, 2019.

From 2010 to 2013 Jim and I tried three jury trials, in Greene and Taney counties. Of course, he won some of those trials; I won others. It doesn’t seem to matter now. 
Sometimes we fought like cats and dogs and occasionally we got mad at each other. But it didn’t last. It never did. Pretty quickly we’d be trading stories, laughing, and commiserating about the challenges of the legal profession. (And boy was he a great storyteller.) . We agreed much more than we disagreed. We never failed to congratulate and compliment each other after each of our trials.

I liked and respected Jim as a lawyer and as a person. He was a credit to his profession. He was a good man. I will think of him often and I will miss him.

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