I met Jim in 1987 at a very painfully exhausting time in my life as my child had been taken without my consent or knowledge until after the fact. I was I need of an attorney and Jim represented me in filing for custody and immediate return of my two year old daughter. I found my self once again needing a lawyer to enforce return of my grandaughter for whom I am guardian n to discuss filing a personal injury claim. This is when i learned of Jim’s death. I wanted to say my prayers go out to his many friends and family. Yes Jim was a wonderful person .. of the many times i was in his office seeking his positive encouragement he was always of good cheer. He was a good ATTORNEY and i never ask but i kinda always sensed a spiritual realm surrounding him n he was a good kind person. I am thankful to have known him in my life n i do believe every bit of good mentioned abt him in memory. I will remember him always as not just my atty but as a friend when it was needed. Sincerely. JOY RUSSELL

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